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Buy & Sell Side M&A Advisory Services

Craig and Robert Kaufman have been advising companies for over 50 years as senior investment bankers in the technology, media and communications industries. Put your trust in us to guide you through the sale of your company or your next acquisiton.

Corporate Vision and Presentation Structure

We work with senior management to crystallize the corporate vision for the purpose of building a better investor/client presentation.

Strategy and Business Development

Leverage our 50+ years of global relationships to help you get to decision makers and close deals faster

Presentation Training & Roadshow Prep

We will go through a series of mock presentation scenarios (1x1, group, phone, web) to evaluate, improve and better prepare presenters to achieve their goals. 

Fundraising Execution Strategy and Metrics

We will help you define an execution strategy and appropriate metrics to analyze your progress and where needed modify your message, execution tactics, or bolster presentation skills. 

Dilligence Checklist Review

We review a standard dilligence checklist to make sure you can respond quickly to potential investor requests with the right information

Projections Review

We review and challenge your projections to make sure you are well prepared to answer questions from potential investors
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